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    There is a new food option at the Steeplegate Mall serving great pizza!

    Basil PIZZA & More opened for business in November 2016, which is the only eatery in food court (for the time being). This is exciting news for this mall since for over a year, the only food options in the Steeplegate Mall were Dunkin' Donuts and Tutti Frutti (frozen yogurt).

    The food court several years ago used to have some decent choices including Burger King, D'Angelo, Sbarro, China Max, Cranberries, TCBY/Pretzelmaker, and Amazon Caf, but as other stores in the mall went out of business, the food court became less busy and eateries closed up one by one. Basil Pizza & More occupies the former Sbarro space, which also served pizza and salads before.

    Basil PIZZA & More serves up a limited selection of thin crust NY style pizzas (by the slice ($2.75-$2.95), meat calzones (thick stuffed crust pizza slices-$5.95), quesadillas, salads, and cold cooler drinks.

    I stopped by for a quick lunch recently. I got a Slice of Hawaiian Pizza ($2.95 plus tax), which was heated quickly in the pizza oven. This thin crust was crisp on the bottom and soft inside topped with a thick tomato sauce, pineapple cubes, thin slices of deli ham and melted mozzarella cheese. The pizza here was actually very good, way better than Sbarro, IMO.


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